Friday, April 24, 2009 | Author: J"son

nice clip....
this is a simple short film about communication. Created by Publicis Mojo and @RadicalMedia Director.

"yup.... dun waste the opportunity that u got.... that might be the last chance...."

must watch it!!
The Leaf - the nature masterpiece of living. created by Globurban
Thursday, January 08, 2009 | Author: dtong

The Leaf - the creation of Globurban. It is " the nature masterpiece of living"... The Leaf was so much significant to all the members of the Globurban. We have spent intangible hardwork and contribution on this creation.

Thanks to the members :-

  1. Allen Seah
  2. Christine Lim

  3. Jason Lim

  4. Yaw Lim
  5. Venny Lim
  6. dtong

You all are the best always!!! hope every Globurban's memebers will manage to regroup again in the next three months of top up degree program. Gud luck to everyone in exam and happy new year 2009! Its our honour to know each other in TARC, in ABD, in Group B and ultimately in Globurban! Glourban - Infinity friendship! Cheers!

IZZI Lifestyle : Great Italian & Asian Cuisine
Thursday, November 13, 2008 | Author: J"son

IzzI, for the first time i heard this name, i thought it is the mobile service company... But our entertainment director dtong told that it is a Italian Restaurant. hmm... This is not the point, what is the main reason that attract us to step into this shop is the 75% discount for the meal. it is totally unbelievable but you must believe it.. yeah, is true... i was thinking that whether dtong was trying to cheat me when he told me about this news.

Izzi is allocated at Bukit Bintang area and just opposite the Giordano. the first impression of the appearance for external of this restaurant, it just like a convenience store. i was wondering that why Bukit Bintang area got so many convenience store...

yup.... let talk about the food there.

for the appetizer, I've ordered the soup of the day... it was the chicken soup... well... this is much more better than the Pizza Hut's mushroom soup... the white lining on the soup create the taste of sour which is quite fresh to us. good..

the izzi dough ball is recommended and stated in the menu.. well... it was a good try for this daugh ball. you have to spread the garlic butter on the bread. the taste was just nice.

This is the tuna salad with the ingredients of tossed mixed lettuce, tomaco, egg, green bean, onion ring, tuna chunks and served with Izzi Vinaigratte. The vege was fresh but feel like the sauce is not enough for the salad.

Yaw ordered the Spaghetti Bolognese, which is the Spaghetti served with a rich Italian Bolognese sauce. what was Yaw's comment was good. the taste was just nice and the sauce is a little sour that wasn't from the tomato paste. Is that the vinegar? who knows?

Chicken Steak with Pasta, Grilled chicken served with mushroom sauce and linguine. The chicken chop quite tender, not bad.. it is really fresh.. but the taste is a little bit not well marinated. But overall considered okay...

spicy BBQ chicken Pizza: Smoked chicken, onions, coriander leaves and Izzi’s spicy BBQ sauce

Pepperoni with Jalapeno : Beef salami, mozarella cheese and tomato. The pizzas are much more better than pizzas from "Pizza Hut". For the spicy BBQ chicken, it isn't really hot, so i think it is suitable to everyone. I prefer the chicken meat on this pizza, it was well grilled. For the Pepperoni, hmm... honestly, it isn't special for me as we always have this at many of the restaurants (italian cuisine). But this pizza is not disappointing me, i love the beef and the cheese is good in taste. thumb up... going to try for the other pizzas...

Besides, the service there was really good and the waitresses and waiters are very kind and willing to serve. Love their attitude on serving. So... strongly recommended.

I'm happy to have such enjoyable and affordable meal with globurban members. it was really good experience and we did went back for the 2nd time. Thanks to Dtong for the well recommendation. in conclusion, foods from this izzi is worthy especially for the students like us.

44-2A, 44-3A, 44-4A
Jln. Sultan Ismail
50250 Kuala Lumpur

Restaurant size : 305 m2
120 seats (including bar)
Full bar set up

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Thursday & Sunday : 11am - 10pm
Friday & Sat : 11am - 11pm

For Delivery and Reservation Call :
Delivery & Reservation : 03-2141 5808
Events/Functions : 03-2141 4111
Please DON'T try this...Never and ever!!!
Thursday, November 13, 2008 | Author: dtong

Waoooo!!!This is terrible... what the hack are you trying to show us here? Circus show or just wanna show off around Tar College? This is very childish and unconsiderate (in rude term-brainless). I think this guy is just simply want to show off himself as a Incredible Hero. If its true then we really need to salute this guy with his circus performance cz this is totally amazing. But its so unfortunate to the little Myvi or its fortunate for the involvement in the part of the circus show? If Yes, then its absolutely fantastic! If No, then just pity him lo... Besides, the TARC's guard is retarted and unprofessional (nowander so many crime raped cases in TARC), he should stop the guy doing this in the surrounding of the college. They always doing their duty strictly by not allowing us to exit at the main entrance and we are forced to use the pedestrian exit which cz our walking distance become longer...WTH!!! This is nonsense and irritating- speechless and hopeless!!!

When im watching this clip, i expected something more intersting for the ending. In my prediction i never think of a little Myvi will appear, somehow, i predicted the guy will fall down.(really dark heart le!)haha...but the "hero" really end up on the floor instead of on the car. Cool man! SALUTE! That will be much more interesting if they continue recording the clip...sigh, they should continue la...

Anyway, this clip can be describe as cool or childish...hope no one will learn it from this "hero" or unless you perform infornt of me to entertain me then will be more cool...haha...

Thanx for the creator of this blog
Wednesday, November 12, 2008 | Author: dtong
hmmm....this is the 1st time i start myself in the blog-sphere. Thanx to Json-our Spiritual Leader of Globurban (work cnt done without him ;p) who are the creator of this blog.
Yeah...dunno what to write now...Bye!!!
welcome globurban
Wednesday, November 12, 2008 | Author: J"son

finally.... we've got a new blog for our Globurban...
we've been discussing to create the blog for recommending those fine meal and relaxing entertainment that we have experienced. further more, our colourful entertaining campus life. hope we can keep this blog for life. For the Globurban... between, welcome to our other authors... take care and have a nice day.